Sound of clashing waves, strike harshly against the tall mounts of rocky hills, in fast whipping motions. Echoes from onlookers, fishermen as spoke of how the bitter salty mistress keeps others away.

Sudden, the gray mist of clouds, part, ripping scars of blue hues of the sky in, along with a heated friendliness of the sun’s glow. Where the glow thrusts upon, seeing a weather down castle, of faded grays, browns, and mossy covered stone.

Open windows show no signs of life. Only the lone flyers, of native seagulls, in the sky, looking for safety away from the sea, with their faint caw calls echoing and twining with the clash of waves.

Yet, the feeling a ghostly haze sends shivers down the bones, of those fishermen that look past the clatter of anger waters, to see this haunting fortress.

How the shadows of black coat the walls, age the building more, distance glooms blow form a long a vale of death. Once more, the fishermen choice to stay and let the castle force dragged them into this powerful pull.

The elder knew better, yelling to the much younger one that it was time to leave, less risk falling into the same ending of those who couldn’t reach sandy land. Having the final thoughts their time there was over, as they watch their fellow sea walkers, still fighting and losing.

Soon be taken under by the dangerous love of the waters. Unknowingly, missing, of how, the waters of that blasted ruler of the wailing teal bitter sea rising higher and higher to them. Coming close to take them out to sea and never come back to their families ever again.

The elder man shouted to youngling again, missing of the last wave rising high and coming down on them. Leaving, only, their moldy, cracking boat of passing ages. Justly the same as their fellow members of sea walkers, though wished they got to taste the yellow, smooth, vast sandy lands.

Yet, only the green mossy, salt-covered rocks, and, the eerie castle, to see their fate.


A View of Tantallon Castle c. 1816 by Alexander Nasmyth

Made in the year 1816

Location when painted; east of North Berwick, in East Lothian, Scotland

A View of Tantallon Castle with the Bass Rock, by Alexander Nasmyth, c 1816. On display at the Scottish National Gallery. 


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