What’s up Manic Expression? Kyle R here…or Zydrate…or Man With No Chin. I don’t really remember which one it is to be honest. Anyway, I’m here today to tell all of you that I’ve been inspired… inspired by the work of one man, or rather one Dude, a Dude92 to be specific. Yes, thanks to the OtherDude92 and his recent work on the ME Fighting Game, I too now wish to start my own Manic Expression inspired video game and I’d like to give my pitch for it.

Now to be clear, this won’t be a fighting game and instead will be something of an action platformer/first person shooter/ 3rd person shooter/ turn based strategy/ RPG/ sidescrolling shooter/ racing/ baseball/ cooking/ dance off/ game show/ Gynecologist/ Crystal Meth Maker Pro/ Divorce Attorney/ Barbie horse adventure…game.

The story and set up for the game will be very simple. In it, you will play as the OtherDude92 himself (of course) and you have to go behind enemy lines and rescue your fellow expressionist from the Evil Comic Book Cast crew who in addition to kidnapping your friends have also killed your boss James and violated his corpse…sexually!

And as to what their motive is for committing such deplorable acts? Fuck if I know. Maybe they have really tiny dicks.

You can take whatever you need to complete your mission. Weapons, jet packs, dildos…weapons, or you can use your powers of overly negative criticism on your enemies to make them avoid you completely, as they probably would in real life.

Receive helpful tips from the friends you rescue on your way, like “Don’t be such a dick,” You should put that back in your pants and not wave it around, and press the x button to go away so people can enjoy themselves”.

Battle your way through a number of unique and interesting enemies such as…Bad Guy Number one, Bad Guy Number two, and Mildly Antagonistic Guy Number 3. And prepare to take on a squad of dangerous yet colorful bosses like…Joel, Sean, Tom, and T Rex with Saw blades for arms that breathes aids and shits hate.How does it shit hate? I don’t fucking know! Yeah!

Collect joints for energy and points. Get enough and you’ll go into Dude Mode, which will make you stop and contemplate complex questions like “Who really was the boss? Was it Tony Danza or someone else? Or “who I am and why are my hands so large”? AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME!!! BALRG BLAGGGD!!!!

You can also…

Glue your pubes to your face!

Set a tire on fire then send it rolling into traffic!

Drop acid then go swimming!

Rent Freddy Got Fingered from Netflix and give it a glowing review!

Vote Green Party!

And File a sub prime loan! I had to look up what that was but it’s apparently something you can do in the game. Fucking cool!

There are 40 levels you can progress through, all of them are in Flint Michigan! Fuck yeah for Flint Michigan!

And finally, there are five alternate endings you can get once you complete the game depending on your level of progress, but rest assured, all of them will end in a cliffhanger that will leave you so confused and angry that you’ll you wanna try crystal meth and join a hate group that only hates on kids with Down Syndrome. Awesome!

So that’s my idea for the Manic Expression game. Feel free to give your thoughts on it and how you think we can improve anything that might need improvement.

Disclaimer: Don’t tell me what you think about the game. It’s not actually happening and I think I speak for everyone when I say thank god for that. Anyone who thinks would be a good idea should be beaten, hanged, then shot, and maybe not in that exact order.

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