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   Alan had place his journal on top o hid dresser and began to look up at the ceiling reflecting on what he just wrote as well as what head happen the past few weeks. He was turn his attention at his disk which was at the fort of his bed where a get well card that Parkland had given him a few weeks ago stood up nixes to his school books and disk lap.

   Just see the card alone mad him smile for it reminded him that parkland was as mean lead other around the neighborhood believe. In fact he believes she only is mean towards others in order to make sure no one tries to pull a fast on her on her family. Yet she does a good job hiding her feeling toward others including member of her own family. Never—the—less, Alan knows deep down that she nice person and was so thankful of the card as well as calling him to say welcome home.

   “Some time it takes something like this to show the best in people.” Alan said sadly while looking down his broken leg,

   Looking at his alarm clock he realize he had almost forgotten to call his good friend, Vancouver, a school friend who had visit him in the hospital a couple of time, and had promise him he would call him once he was home. Knowing he was still up and he himself can still use the phone Intel 9:30, Alan the top draw and pull out his cell phone and stared sadly it for the screen was shattered and the way the phone in his hand, Alan was wondering if phone would even work at all.

   To his surprise and spinning a good five minute in pressing the touch screen as gently as he can without breaking it completely he was manager to deal the number.

   “Man,” Alan said for he was surprise that someone manger to save his phone let along return it to his parent.

   The phone ring once and then again and after the forth ring Vancouver voce came was hard form the other end.

   “Yah Alan you back home.”



   It happened so fast. One minute he was about to talk to his friend, the nixed he was howling in pain as something knock his cell phone right out of his hand in the process. When Alan looked over his left he saw his phones that was beat up to begin with was now completely broken to paces.

   Rubbing his hand he quickly notice an plastic arrow laying carelessly on the floor just a few feet away his bedroom door which made him looked at his open window and ask himself who in the world had short an arrow thought his window.

   That question was simple. For Jock who sneaks out of his house was up high on a tree just outside of Dean Street Playground. Looking over his binocular he could not help but smile at the prefect shot he mad and pond he was for making sure Alan did not use is cell phone well being so close to the bed.

   “No more hospital stays for you, my friend,” Jock said happily in Spanish while having his bow dangled on his shoulder. And his plastic arrows in his back pocket, “welcome home, Alan Hole. Welcome home.

And so this is where we leave the kids of Park Slope.

For now

Authors Notes

    Park Slope was originally intended to be a park of another sear that took place in the same universe however Edwin Lee Pope aka Dean S. Began. (Username Jockerlee 77) decided to make it as a standalone story line with in that universe. Edwin also decided to mark the story base on humor and would been written in the some style you see in the funny pages in the local news paper.

   There were two stories Edwin had thought about for Park Slope. One was based on a Mystery around the neighborhood of Park Slop be choose to go with a Operation Busy Single where the neighborhood children would try to stop people from using their cell phone in fair the cell Phone. The story came about after hearing new report of people getting to accident while using their cell phone in the in place that got him shaking his head. One story a woman had fell into a water falcon because she texting while walking and did not see what was in fort of her.

   This was the starting point into making a story that was more tongue and cheek and not dark in humor. And even throw it did had a serious supject matter, Edwin had written the story in a way that was over the top and in good fun. He did not want it to be over preachy or so serious that people would not enjoy it.

   Park Slope also pays tribute to The Peanuts, One Big Happy, Little Orphan Annie, and Dennis the Menace. Parkland Monskey is a character that is molded after Angelica Pickles form Rugrats,Helga Geraldine Pataki form Hey Arnold, Lucy for the Peanuts. as for Linda Copper she was mold after Edwin’s favorite YouTube Movie reporter Grace Randolph formBeyond The Trailer.

Connection to the Park Slope in the book to the Park slope in real life.

   Even throw the story is fictional there a view things that had been mention that really do excise. The wall in supermarket parking lot is actually a real place in 5th Avenue in Brooklyn that had a wall which separates 5th Avenue and Gregory Place. Also there is also a Dean Street playground as well as a corner bodega do actually excise the only thing Edwin added to the Playground was the tree house in the center of the playground which will be a main them in the Park Slope Universe in the near future.

   Park Slope (Also known as Park Slope: Operation Busy Single) was the first story Edwin Pope had written for two Blogging web sites: Manic and The Net, and is planning to another Park Slope story in the coming fall with the title yet to be name.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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