Issued 45

   Finally after spinning a week and a half in the hospital Alan hold was back home and was greeted by both friends and family. Most of his friends had spin the whole day just talking to him and playing video game in his room. other had just stop by to say welcome back and had ask him when they should expect him to return form school for had notice Alan was still in a leg case for the accident.

   “The Doctor said I should be able to head b ask on Monday,” Alan told Megan who was sitting on this be nixes long side sitter who was watching her brother play Mario kart with Tom, Being that I use a wheelchair to get around.

    “That gonna b e kind of hard being all of your classes are on the five floor.” Megan said while giving Alan a worry look.

   “That what I told my mom and she told me that more likely I may have to be home school Intel my leg has fully healed.”

   “No fair—I want to be home school.” Lori mound while folding her arm and staring angrily at her brother.

   “I would had thought you would want to get out of the house a lot more now that you are grounded,” Alan said to his sister who sick he torung out at him while his back was facing the her.

   After all of Alan’s friends and relatives said their good said their goodbyes Alan had found himself sitting on a chair with his leg loaded on a toy chest looking out at the window; his wheel chair just a few feet away from him. Form his view he could see both the Playground as were the corner bodega where had accrued. There he began to reflex on how are the crazy events which has taken place around the neighborhood and wonder would his friend had acted that why if he had pay attention and not gotten hit by a car to began with.

   The answered was simple; no. and yet as he look up at the night sky some good had come. Yes in some odd and crazy way. The children of Park Slope had gotten there point in a way not even the grown up had not yet realize.”

   “Only in Park Slope dose crazy things like the cell phone monster can easiest,” Alan said while taken a deep breath while slightly opening the window to let some air in the room.

   While lying on his bed Alan began to write down some of the event that had happen to both him as well as what he had hard doing and after operation busy single in a journal he’d keep inside has dresser. It was hard, to the point where he even had second though in putting what had happen in paper. Yet once Alan had started writing his thoughts is when he realizes he could not stop.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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