Issued 44

   The store manager explains to the children that he would make special Pamphlets on how to properly use a cell phone in public. He explains to them that with every purchase of their phone they give the pamphlet to every customers and ask them to read it before using the phone.

    “You sure this will work. “Maria ask the store manager.

    “Only if people are willing to take the message hart.” The store manager said.

   “Let alone read it.” Bill added in a rather low tone.

   “While its true this will not guarantee people will not use their phone in dangerous spots, said the store manager, “but at less it they will the educational information in on when it should be a beast time to use their cell phone and when not too. It’s not a perfect tool but at less it’s something compare to nothing.”

   For a while there was silent and the Store manager could tell that the children standing in fort of him was deep I thought. He could tell by their worrisome faces they doubt that what he had said will help but he also knew that they was at less thinking about, and as always a good thing when it come to people safety; everyone’s safety.

   “What about your boss,” Ray asks the manager, “well he go alone with the idea you had just propose?”

   “I wouldn’t worry about, the Manager said with a smile, “Just know by time you came back store you will see the pamphlet will be displayed all over the counter.” And upon saying that the children smile at him knowing he really wanted to help out in the situation.

   “Not exactly what we had hoped for but it still turn out okay,” Maria said to her bother as they alone with their friend stated to walk home.

   “I know but at less the store manager was helpful and that is a good thing.” Ray said

   “Actually I was surprise he did not throw use out of the store,” Billy said while the other muttered in agreement as they turn the corner with the store manager watching form distaste.

   “What was that all about?” a store employee said while coming out o the store.

   “Safety,” The store manager said with a smile as both her and his employee had walked about inside.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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