Issued 43

   For near ten minutes the store manger had taken in everything Ray was telling about what had happen to one of their friend as well as why they believe a make believe monster may had play a role in what had happen which landed their friends in the hospital. The store manger nodded his head. For he now understand what this was really all about and come with a way to deal with the situation without it coming across in a way that is mean sprit toward the kids.

   “-Well I can understand you guys concern,” said the store manager, “but I sure there have to be a better way then what you and your friends had been doing these pass week?”

   “Well if you have any ideas as to stop the cell Phone monster in its tracks then we love to hear?” Ray asks the store manager.

   “Yes you work for the phone company, Maria added, “how would you handle this treat?”

   “Good question,” the store manager said to the while deep in thought for even throw he knew that cell phone monster was only something that excised in the kids imagination. The danger of the being sanction from cell phone was not, but I have an idea that might help you guy fight the cause without anyone getting into trouble.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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