Issued 39

   “-May I help you?” The manager asks the children polity while Ray had approach the counter.

   “Yes as a matter of fact you can.” Said Ray in a clam business like matter. “My name is Raycoon Francellies. This lovely woman standing beside me is my sister Maria.”

   Maria nodded her head to the manager while at the same time keeping a hard facial expression while her brother was talking.

   “We are her to give a warring to a intertie who is currently on your payroll.

   “Excuse me,” said in while raising an eyebrow, “but I have no idea what you are talking about.

   “Are you telling me you are denying that an intertie who goes by the name Cell Phone Monster does not work for you? A monster that had cause countless accidents throw out Park Slop. The same monster who phones you had sold in this store. Are you denying these clams?

   ‘Well being there is other cell phone stores a block apart from each other yes. I deny these clams.”

   Ray raises an eye brow, “You’re saying you don’t have the cell phone monster in your employee?”

   “No—but we do have a special V.I.P plain if you pursues a I phone.”

   A girl with long black hair and tan skin had folded her arms and said, “Does it look like we are old enough to have a V.I.P plain. While the store manger staired at the group of kids that was standing in front of him.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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