It came all of a sudden, with little warning. The slamming of a door, loud enough to wake the dead, went to an deaf ear where the room had a lone worker, writing with no care.

“I hope you’re happy for yourself. For what you have done?”

No reply was given.

“To think less with half a braincell and to go do that. I thought happiness is what you wanted? Why turn away from that? So, soon as well?”

The person who slammed the door, moved closer to where the desk was. Minding of the other, who was still working.

“Are you just happy in this cramp, pityful room, with a small lamp as you’re only light? Is that it? Nothing else? What kind of person are you, to go to such lenghs with no care?”

“Keep little in mind of trueily matters for me. Those pestering feelings to care, only get one so far.”

“Yet, you looked to oddly be on cloud’s good nature from what I saw.”

“Those feelings are as a drug. They also wear off in a matter of time.”

The other looked to his brother is sadness.

“Don’t blame me for this mistake.”

“It can’t be a mistake, if was never seen as a mistake. I could have told you that, dear brother.”

A sigh was given. The faint scratches of writing took up most sound around them.

“I’m going to miss them. But I really should be saying it about you?”

“Can’t miss it. If it was never there.”

The standing brother couldn’t take that, in what felt as what rage and pain would fill, mix together. He slammed his hands down on the desk. Adding to what a small child would do next, in which, knocking all the paper work on to the ground.

“What has happen to you?! Damn it, all I just want to know? Why push them away? And now me. Lucas, please, tell me why?”

The other brother slowly looking to the spilled papers. With no thought to reply to his brother, got to his feet and restacked the papers back on to his desk. Feeling the glares of his brother.

Yet, Lucas made no dare to look back. For again, it was pointless to do so.

Somehow those, found the words to say. “Please, Jackson, leave me alone. It’s all I want now. What matters I made with my love and future, are no deals with you. Go home. I’m sure your children want you there to set up the tree?”

Jackson rubbed his unknowing how to sudden tired eyes.

“Very well. I’ll see you afternoon, tomorrow. I . . . ”

“I choose you don’t. Goodbye, Jackson.”

“Fine. Merry Christmas.” Ending with him leaving out the door to leave his brother alone.

On his way home, stopping by a few places on the way, clearing the mind really. On whatever he was going to say when he got back. Jackson finally made it home. Upon seeing his wife in the kitchen making dinner. And his children nowhere in sight.

“You’re brother being a handful again, dear?” His wife asked, listen to how he came into the house, soon having her being hug from behind, and Jackson laying his head on her shoulder.

“You have no idea.” Saying with leaving her a kiss on her cheek. Moving away to lay against the counter. Arms cross as was in thought loud. “I’m worrying for him. It’s at the point I don’t know who he really is anymore. But with what the doctor said, I can’t do anything but go along with it.”

“He’ll get better.”

“No alone. Even I know that. I was able to reach Edith’s sister. She’s doing fine. Despite what my brother did. But she said it would be better for the baby’s health if she was not around him.”

“What did Lucas say to her, to make her leave? You were gone for awhile.”

“Heavens if I’ll get the full story. She’s not hurt or anything. Just some spiteful words between should be for young love. Not these two.”

His wife just rolled her eyes to that.

“You did go see the doctor?”

“Si, I did. Though the answers given could have been better.”

She just nodded back. Having Jackson set the table. Food ready. And the loud stomping of children from up stairs started to slowly familiar itself as if it was thunder.

“Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be bothering him some more.”

Again, the wife only nodded.

The following day, Jackson headed out. Having a small smile as he saw his two sons and daughter, resting soundly by the colorful dressed up tree. Worn out by the long hours it took, and just sleeping around the living room, not daring to walk up the stairs for bed.

Recovering them once more with blankets given last night. Off he went to start an early day. In means to get ready for anything brother was about to throw his way.

Upon soon reaching the house, a few minutes spare for a precise afternoon. Walked up the drive way and knocked on the door. When not getting an answer back. Pulled out a key from his pocket to let himself in.

“Lucas, you up? Or is your lazy ass still in bed?”

Stepping quickly through the house. Not finding his brother anywhere. All his things still in place.

“Lucas?” He called out, trying the backyard, towards the greenhouse.

The door left ajar. Jackson open the door more to let himself give a peek in. Smiling softly when finding what he was looking for. Walking in slowly, taking each step with care.

“Lucas, you can’t keep hiding here when things get to rough. I’m only to say this once.” Jackson said, kneeling down to the ground, in a way to be eyelevel with the other, before saying. “No matter how thing illness plays with your mind, I still want you back. Edith needs you, you’re going to be a father, Lucas. And I like a small family moment, that doesn’t result to this. I gave you time to set this in before. And I still do. Understand?”

Jackson patted the stone slate in a comfort matter.

“I know this world is hard for people like us. Don’t think I haven’t tried to hide away from it. It’s only a matter of time if my children start acting this way. This is something you should worry as well.”

A small play of silence filled the air.

“Un demonio del infierno sólo puede encontrar tanta alegría en el mundo. Ciegamente saber si quieren o no. Sólo se da una segunda oportunidad de vida. Úsalo sabiamente y no yo, quienes dan I, los puros que perdimos hace mucho tiempo viven.”

A whisper was heard.

“I will see you and Edith hopeful at my house than for dinner. We’ll get by brother. We always have. Let’s not fall as our people before us.”

The End.

—–Side Note—-


Si – – – Yes

Un demonio del infierno sólo puede encontrar tanta alegría en el mundo. Ciegamente saber si quieren o no. Se produce sólo una segunda oportunidad de vida. Úsalo sabiamente y no yo, eso, recuperaremos que perdimos hace mucho tiempo vivo. – – – A demon of hell can only find so much joy in the world. Blindly know whether they want to or not. Only a second chance of life occurs. Use it wisely and not me, that I, will get back that we lost long ago live.

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