Issued 29

   Alan Hold was relaxing in his hospital bed reading a Dark Horse Goon comic book when Parkland bush in the room and give Alan a cold look. When Alan notices her standing at the end of the bed he smile, but then a look of concern was written in his face for Parkland give him a look which told him he was in deep trouble.

   “Hello, P Did not –really expect you to”-

   “Save the welcome speech,” snaps Parkland, “Do you have any idea what’s been happing all round Park Slope all week.

   “Arrrr no,” Alan said while looking confused at Parkland as to why she was angry at him.

   “Children snatching people’s phon. shooting arrow at people’s phone while standing on the street corner. Pouring water on their phone while there eating in their food in a café or restaurant”-


    “-The cell phone monster, you moron, didn’t your sister told you.”

   “I haven’t seen Lori all week,” Alan explains, and mom and dad had not mentioned anything that was going on round the neighborhood.”

   “Oh really,” Parkland said sternly while folding her arm and giving Alan a hard look, “well allow me to update you on this week’s event. Scene your car accident the child had gone crazy thinking that you along with everyone who had gotten into a cell phone related accidents was cause by a make-believe monster. And as a result they’d been attacking people all over the neighborhood who was using their cell phones both at home, and on the street.”

   “Are you joking?”

    Parkland walked over toward the fort of the bed and place her face close to Alan, “does it look like I’m joking?”

   “Arrr-no,” Alan said rather softly while laying flat on the bed.

   Parkland moved away from Alan and glad at the two other children sharing the room who quickly looked at the other way.

“Well that is crazy, but what do you want me to do about it.”

   “You are going to talk some sense into your friends and get them to stop attacking strangers who are trying to use their phone. And you gonna do it first thing tomorrow morning.

   “How I am support to do that, P, and suck here for another few days”

   “Don’t worry, Alan, I’ll take care of that. Just make sure you are dress and really to talk when the time comes. And as a fair warning if this dose not works the people of Park Slope will feel my raff like never before,” she walks over toward Alan and put her face close to his and whispered, “starting with you.” While given him a grin.

By Jockerlee77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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