Issued 24

   Linda had lead to the corner bodega. The same corner where Alan Hole was accidently hit by a car a few days ago. When Linda turn around she notice tboth the camera man ad the report was looking wildly at her as if she had done something bad but did not have the hart to tell her why it was bad so Lid just smile at the camera, as she began to give the run down as to what lead to the children being so aggressive against the so call cell phone monster.

   “It was right here at this vary spot where I am standing is where the whole movement had all stared. It was here is where an innocent boy was victim to the cell phone monster, who had used is evil tactic which lead to the boy getting hit by a car, and landed the boy in the hospital. The name as well as the hospital the boy is care has been keep a secret for in fare the cell phone monster might want to finish what he had started a few days ago.

   But believe me when I tell you this goes way beyond what had taken place here. For reports all over the city had had similar problems regarding cell phone monster costing accidents had been reported. Whether it’s people running into a water futon because the monster had told them to texts without keeping an eye out in what ahead of them. To having its victims use the cell phone while driving a very dangerous road. And with all this pulse the accident which happen here it all the info the neighborhood children needed to take action against a dangerous threat. But have the operation busy single pay off so far?

   Well so far there had been an 87% drop in cell phone accident within the first 24 hour seen operation busy single had put in to play. And while it had made some progress it does come with a price. For lot of children all cross Park Slope have are now grounded for their noble action in protecting their friends and love ones something many of us feel it was well worth it the price to pay in order to keep our neighborhood safe form treat many people seem not to take seriously. Let just hope that will change soon. This is Linda Copper reporting live form Dean Street playground in Park Slope, back to you, Sam.”

   Linda handed back the new reporter’s microphone before heading back to her farther who was playing dominos and was not award what her daughter had just done nor did care to much for the news van was park right nixes to him. As for the reporters he looked at the camera all shock and speechless just before it quickly went to the news center where even Sam, herself was at a loss for words as to what happen.

   “Yes—well—thank you for that report, Linda—Holdem, we’ll be right back after a short break.

   Parkland turned off the TV and was deep in thought as too what had been reported on the news. Then with angry she had figured out how this whole cell phone business had all stared

“A boy gets hit by a car. A meeting involving a group of kids that are pretty much the same age as Zam. Kids getting grounded all over Park slope for trying to stop people from using their cell phone. ALAN HOLE YOU IDTOL!”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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