Issued 16

    As her cell phone continued to ring, Parkland give her little brother a stein looked to keep away form while she see who it was that was calling her. Too her dismay and anger the phone number was being block and Parkland could tell rihg away it was a company who was trying to sell her something she herself was not interested in and was too young to be a part of. Rolling her eyes she’d place her Iphone on her life ear and began to speak in a low but menacing voce as if she was some kind of super villain.

    “Do you hear the sound of my voice. Listen to the sound of my voice dose it sound I in a good mod? Dose it sound like I am happy you call me? If you answered yes then congratulation you are right otherwise you would be talking right now. I do not want anything from you. And I am too young to be entered in any kinds of contest you think I had already won so place don’t brother to bring it up and don’t brother to call this number again. Otherwise you will not like the round I will have for you if you do. Got it?”

    Whoever was on the other line did brother to speak. And upon hangings upon Parkland, her younger brother was overcome with joy as she place her Iphone back in her pocket.

    “Yeaaaaa, my sister had defeated the monster.” Zam said with joy.

     Ruffton couldn’t but smile as his sister roll her eyes and looked hopelessly at her baby brother and wonder how all this got started in the first place.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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