Issued 15

    “-Zam,” Parkland then turn her attention at her little brother who give her a look of a person who was ready for anything he was about to throw at him, “ I don’t know how this—cell monster had got started and to be truthful I really don’t care but what I can tell you s that it does not excise .

    “But it does excise, Parkland how else do you explain all throw accident that happen while on the phone?

    “People not paying attention,” Parkland said sternly.

     The sound of cry me a river could be hard from inside the Parkland’s pocket and and once she had hold her phone in a hand, Zam’s eyes widen in fear.

    “What!” Parkland demand angel while holding a tight grip on her phone.

    “Don’t answered it the monsters” Zam whispered as if the cell phone monster could her what they are telling about.

    “Look for the last time there is no such thing as a cell phone monster.”

“Be he is real,” Zam keep assisting, “Look what he doing to your face.”

    “No our sister face is like all the time especially when she’s peeve,” Ruffton said in spinach which made respond by giving him a n angry glair.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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