Issued 09

   Mr. Veen was driving his son for school when he notices that his cell phone had not rung this morning. This was strange for him because the moment the clock hit eight he’s already getting all kinds calls from his office about meeting or things that needs to be done before heading to work. However Mr. Veen just thought that it was just one of throw rare slow days at the office and felt that everything would be fine once he drop his son off to school and head for work.

   Little did he know his boss had tried to get in contact him for almost two hour; about stopping by JFK and picking up a very important that was client flying in from Japan, and drive him to the office for a meeting with the CEO. This call never got throw and that was thinks largely to Mr. Veen’s son, Harry who took the battery out of his cell phone when he had lift his the phone on the kitchen counter.

    “No way I gonna get into a car accident due to cell phone talking on my watch” Harry thought to himself with a grin while holding the black cell phone battery in his hand, “hrrrrrr nothing but smooth sealing all the way to the classroom.”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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