Issued 08

   Operation busy single has begun and it started on the nieces day of the week; Thursday. On the outside everything looks and seems innocent but as everyone started to go throw the daily motion of school and work is where everything slowly stated to change.

    The first stings that the kids of Park Slope started to take action against the cell phone monster was when a little girl with yellow was standing on a street corner, holding her mother’s hand waiting for the light to change. At first everything was fine but then hard the tune of what sound the theme song for Hawaii five O. coming out of thin air. The little girl looked to her life and then to her right. And then she saw her mother holding her black berry in her hand and then place it on her right ear. Watching in horror the little girl notice that the light did not changes yet in her mine thought the cell phone monster was telling her monster to cross the street in moving traffic.

   Not wasting anytime the little girl had snatch the cell phone away from her mother hand and griped the phone tightly as she slightly away from her while looking wildly at her with her blues eyes.Shock and angry the mother had ask her daughter what on earth was she doing in which the girl shouted, “IT A TRAP!”

By Jockerlee77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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