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    Later that evening Alan Hole was laying flat on his hospital bed staring blankly at the ceiling. He could not sleep and yet he did not want to turn on the TV set due to the fact that it was bright and he did not want to wake up his roommate who was sleeping soundly to his lift. Never-the-less he wise he could come up with a way to take his mine of his friends whom by reason he cannot explain felt they were up to something that he himself had played a large role in it. His conversation with his baby sister may have played a role in thinking something big was going on for she had seen that most of the neighborhood kids had a big gathering bit did not tell him what it was because it was already over by the time they got back. And all the of his get well cards he had gotten form his friends simply told him to get well and come back to us soon. Well almost all of them.

   Harry get well card was anything but well wises. He gave him a card which was delver by Ana along a half eaten box of candy, and a letter that was written in green pen.

   Drear Harris;

   Things are haven’t been the same with the same without you. Oh who am I kidding people barley even know you are gone. In any case I really do hope you get well and get back on your feet soon or at less Intel after the pee wee basketball league is over and we have a better chance to winning this year. Ha ha I’m only joking, but seriously wait Intel after the season is over. In any caste I really do hope you get out of the hospital vary soon which by the way would not had happen if you just keep your eyes on the road instead of your phone. I’m just saying.

  Your friend kind of;



  I was gonna give a whole box of chocolate but writing to you had work up an appetite. Don’t worry I live you the ones never like eating.

   Alan had rolled his eyes at what Harry had said before placing the letter along with the other get well cards which was place neatly on his dresser. Form here yet despite all the other well wises the thought of there is something big going in Park Sloped did not leave his mine. Nor did he felt it should. For he felt there was a sure bet that was gonna found out what is happening in the neighborhood; one way or other.

   “I really do hope what my friends are planning dose came back to haunt me,” said softly to himself well laying on his life side looking all the cards and follows that was given to him by his friends and family members, “ but somehow I seriously doubt it.”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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