Issued 06

   -“We all know that the cell phone monster attacks people by calling the on the cell or when people attempts to call someone one to get the cell phone monster at the other end.”

   “We know that already!” Someone said in the crowd, what’s your point?”

   -“My point is to in order to beat this monster is simply not answering the cell phone or in the case of our parent don’t let them make or answered the phone in places that is not safe to do so.

   “That’s easier said than done, said Jim who was standing nixes to him.

   “I know it will not be easy and at time it my land us in trouble by our parents. But I rather spin moths being grounded in my room then not having my mom and dad not there for me as while as not having my brother to play with. I love them, and I know every single one of you love your family as well. And if we have the power, and in this case we do, you, me, and anyone standing here would do whatever it takes to protect them from harm.”

   “So what are you suggesting we should do!” a boy shouted out.

   “Stop people from awarding the phone in places or areas where you known is unsafe.” said Tom, “and if you if have a cell phone do not awarded it if you are in a car or a street corner or while walking the street. It gonna be hard and yes the grow ups will be angry at you but once they looked back at it they will be thankful.

   At first on one said anything that in tell a girl who worn a cowboy hats and booth said in a clam and unsettling voice said “by any mine necessary,” as well as everyone else around the tree house had look at Tom in a way that told Tom that they all was on the same page.

   “Yes, said Tom while nodded his head by any mines necessary.” Throws words had take on a whole new meaning and not in a good way.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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