Issued 05

   -“I’m telling you if we don’t stop the cell phone monster now then all our family members may end up in the hospital,” Tom said to his fellow playmate who had gathered around the tree house.

   “But how,” A girl name Mandy said who was standing on a milk crate to in order to get a better view, “the cell phone monster is invisible. How are we supposed to fight something we can’t see?”

   Everyone round around surrounding the tree house mutter in agreement but Tom who shows a flare of confidents was prepare to award the question. “Just because we can’t see the monster dose not mine we can’t fight back. Remember the creator attack people by using the cell phone. And he only comes out when there is pending danger nearby.

   “Yha that’s makes seine,” said a boy’s voce form somewhere in the crown. “All of the monster’s attack happens when people are on the road, on the sidewalk or when people are crossing a nearby street.”

   “That’s right,” said Tom, “the monster’s power is the cell phones and with that said it is also his weakness.”

   “I don’t understand” said a girl who was standing in fort of Tom. How and cell phone be his power and his weakness?”

   “I’m glad you ask Dana,” Tom said with a smile as he explain the idea in fighting out the cell phone monster.

By Jockerlee77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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