Issued 02

     World of Alan Hole’s accidents had spared quickly as all the neighborhood children was talking about. Some had was stunned other thought Alan had die trying to fight off the car with his cell phone while others thought that the cell phone itself and turn into a car and attack him. Kids imagination can sometimes get the better of them when do not know the whole story to what really happen.

  In any case Alan was lucky. He suffer a right broken leg but other but it could have worse much worse. Both his mother and father was crying when they saw him lying in the hospital with is leg in a sling and his life hand bandage. But other than that there was just thankful that there boy was still with them. while the both parents heads to the lobby to get Alan something sweet to eat Lori, Alan little sister, had sat up on the char nixes to her brother looking at him in a way that told him she wanted to asks him something but did not know the best way to ask him.

    “What is it Lori?” he ask while trying to ignore the throbbing pain he was slowly feeling on his broken right leg, “come on sis am dying her if you got something to say then say before I go to the playground in the sky.

     Lori simply just rolled her eyes before resting he chin on the side of the bed, “I was just wondering did you did you cell phone set you up?”


     “Well Megan had told me that your phone had put you in the trains and told you to walk into the moving car.

     “Megan told you this.”


    -“But Megan wasn’t even there.”

   “No but Megan saw you throw her window. Lori said softly while pulling on Alan’s hospital bed sheet, “she also saw the cell phone trying to make a clean getaway but it didn’t go far.

    “Lori, cell phones do not have legs and what happens to me was an accident. I was not paying attention to the street and the car hit me.

Wow you mean the cell phone had turn into a car? Wow you must have really made it angry. No wonder you didn’t see it coming.”

    “Arrrr,” Alan mound while his little sisters rest her head on his right arm.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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