Issued 27

   Parkland slam the phone back on the reviser and gutted before picking it back up again. After calming do she picks up the phone, and redial the number while whispering,” why would any parent allow their children leave a message on their answering machine,” while waiting impatiently for someone; anyone to pick up from the other end. To her relief the babysitter who was watching Lori had pick up the phone and speaking in Spanish she had ask the babysitter if she can have a quick word with Lori.

   The babysitter said okay and after a breath minute of silent, Lorie said “Howdy, P” at the other end of the line.

  “Don’t you hello me, Lori, why in the world did you leave stupid message the machine.”


   “-The Message you’d life on the answering machine about the cell phoe mother.

   “You don’t know?”

   “What I know Is you along with h the rest of the playground rugrats have lost their mines. There no such thing as a cell phone monster.”

   “The how do you explains all the cell phone accident that had happen all over the neighborhood?”

   “Cell phone accidents happens form people not paying attention of what’s in fort of them.”

   “And what my brother?”

   “-He’s a fool. Which lead me to why I am calling what hospital and room number he is in. I need to have a word about him about the mess he have created.”

   “He’s in,”- Lori said before pulsing doing sentences. “why do you want to know?” she’d ask Parkland in a spurious ton

   “Because I want to talk that’s why, and why are you speaking me as if I’m some stranger?”

   “Well the cell phone monster has why of fooling people into given up the love ones so they can finishes the job.” Lori explains.

   “Now, Lori, you had known me for quite some time now. Know how I and how I’ve talk. To you think that the cell phone monster want to discuses itself as me knowing full well I will hunt him down and beat that monster up so bad it will be crying for mommy before the day is done?”

   “Humm—you make good point. You alone are just as scary as the monster only you’re human or at less I thank you are.”

   “Hospital—room number—now!” Parkland demanded rater angrily while rolling her eyes and going in her book bag so she can write down everything Lori was telling her; word of word.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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