Issued 25

   Parkland Monskey did not went stare home the nixes day for after hearing the whole story form her friend, Kristy on what happen wich lead her to being grounded for a two week, parkland decided to take this cell phone matter into her own hand. And what better way to do so then took kill it at it scores one and for all. Yet before ding this she to get just one important piece of information; finding out what hospital Alan Hole was in as well as the room number.

   To do this she needed to talk with Alan’s parent; namely his sister, Lori too found out just were that poor excuses for a ball player was being keep at. This to Parkland this may lead force her to want an extra hour and a half because it was only 1:30 and Lori does not get out of school Intel 3:00. Never the less Parkland was determine to wait even if it mean walking round the west prat of Park Slope of reading a book inside the library she will do it in order to ride the world of this cell phone foolishness once and for all.

   2:00 pm has come and Parkland had check out the Hunger games firm the library. 2:30 has pass and Parkland now eating her second slice of pizza. And and after taking a walked down 4th avenue Parkland decided to make the call.

   “3:45,” Parkland said to herself as she stopped at a street corner to looked at the time on her Iphone, “the nanny have to be home by now.”

   She began to press auto deal but just as the place the phone on her ear Parkland felt a rush of wind follow by her phone flying out of her hand and on a two way street where was zooming back and forth.

   “Noooo!” Parkland scream in horror was each car came within inches of running over her phone.

   At first Parkland wanted to run toward her phone but thought wisely against it. Instead she just looked helplessly as with her hear pounding as car by car just droved passed it or though it without running it over. Then by some marical the light turn red which allow Parkland to run over toward her Iphone and pick it up before running towards the other side. From there she had check it to see if her phone was still working and after that she began to breathe a little easy that her phone wasn’t destroyed.

   “What happen,” Parkland thought to herself for she realize she her right hand was hurting a little as she started look around to see what it was that hit her. Yet when she looked at the vary spot her phone was laying she had notice that an object laying in the sidewalk just inches to where she was standing. Realizing she still had the walking single she run cross the street were pick up what looks to be an hard pasted arrow with no tip.

   Realizing some kid had just attack her for using her for using her cell phone. Parkland face had turn her and started short some not to kind world in Spanish while pedestrians looked at her while passing by.

   While all that was going on a five year old boy who was dress in marching black jean and t shirt was nailing down on the fifth floor fire escape holding an toy bow and arrow In his hand, and looking was reading every world that was coming out of Parklands moth.

   “My,” A boy named Jock said as in Spanish while cracking a smile search, ” bad langue you are saying, Parkland but, believe me my old bosses friend this was for your own good. For cell phones will be use at a street corner while I’m on the job.”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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