Issued 18

    For almost an hour, Parkland using her blow drier in hopes of taking out the water would allow her brother’s Iphone to work again. It didn’t work. And afer tossing the blow drier on her bed Parkland took a deep birth while holding the damage cell phone in here hand.

    “Mom, dad, don’t be made but Zam had lost his lid by thing there was a monster hiding inside a cell phone which cause him to thought Ruffton’s phone in the tolerate. Oh who I am kidding. This sound so stupid they would ground me just for saying.” Parkland said angrily as she left her room.

    Knowing her parent will be home any minute Parkland decided to sit down and watch the channel 11 evening news Intel her folks come. Still trying to finger out what say to them once they walk in the door Parkland was taking in everything the new reporter was saying Intel a news report had force to sit up and stair wildly at the TV screen and with good reason. For the story not only had some to do with Park Slope; her neighborhood, but the so call cell phone monster who seem to be more the in isolated insurgent.

    “-And In the strange and unusual file, some kids had run a mock; attacking people all over Park Slope for using their cell phone in public. Jack Hurst had got the full detail at the story which got everyone looking over their shoulder.”

    “You gotta to be kidding me” Parkland said in shock for she realize just as out of hand this cell phone monster myth has actually gotten.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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