Issued 17

    -“Ruffton, give me your phone,” Parkland asks rather rudely as her Ruffton give it to her with giving her any lip. “I’m gonna see if can fix this other but initial then you,” she then turn her little brother who still think she had single handedly beaten the cell phone monster, I want you, Zam to go to your room for the rest of the even or at less mom and dad come home.”

    Zam nodded his head joyfully before hoping his way toward his room across the hall.

    “Will Ruffton I need you o keep the piece and not do anything initial I have a change to talk to mom and dad.

    “Yes, me lady, I will do my best, Ruffton said while giving his sister a bow before closing his bedroom doors.

    “Brothers,” Parkland said in a low whisper while heading back to her room with Ruffton’s cell phone in her hand. Who needs them?”

By Jockerlee77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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