Issued 14

    “-Were in god name did you came up with search a stupid thing as the cell monster,” Parkland demanded her little brother as her face turn red and was trying to control her already heated temper.

    “It not stupid, it is real,” Zam insisted while stomping his feet on the floor, looked at all the accident he as cause when people was trying to use the phone while driving and walking down street.

    “Ho believe me there will be gonna be an accident but it won’t be because of the cell phone monster; it will be cause by me.”

      Zam manage to rush behind her older sister while Parkland had push Ruffton toward his bed room door almost causing him to fall inside.

    “Alright both of you I let you have your say now I’m gonna have mine,” Parkland said in Spanish well laying down the law as both big sister and babysitter. Ruffton stay inside your room. Zam you stay right beside me, and with the mond I am now in if ether one of you lam bring dare to cut me off while am talking. I’LL TEAIR BOTH YOUR HEADS OFFF!”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Net

2012 Manic

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