Issued 10

    For some people in Park Slope, going to a café should a nice relaxing experience. It where people can go and get some work done while drinking a delicious cup of coffee. That what two co working was doing when they walked inside Begs Café. They both ordered a cup coffee and a cinnamon roll. They both sat took seat near the window overlooking the side and from there they preparing to going over some notes was while as makes some important phone call from there I phone. What they were not prepared for was seeing two girls running inside the café heading towards the two men with a bucket of water in their hands.

    Some of the customer had scream in shock but by the time the two men had a change do anything , the girls had pour water all over the paths food and on the their phones which emediantly went dead due to water damage. The two men rose to the feet in shock and anger for both were sock in water while looking at the two girls who give both men a big smile and said something that had their mouths hanging open.

    “Wow, Mr. It’s a good thing we came at the right time otherwise the cell phone monster would had had you chocking on your food,” said the girl with a bow in her head.

    “Yha that cell phone monster is gonna brother you anymore,” said the other who had her hear in a pony tail.

    When leaving he cafe the two girl how pound there was of each for helping the men form keeping them from using their phone while eating their food.

   “ Boy there was happy that we save them form that evil cell monster,” the girl with the pony tail told the girl with bow in her head as the walk slowly do the road while swinging their toy buckets in the air.

    “They was show happy they was overjoyed in tears”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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