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     Inside the parking lot of a neighborhood key food supermarket two boys both eight years old was talking about the car accident or in this case what they thought had happen to Alan who landed him in the hospital, both boys was dress in a New York Knicks basketball jersey. And both boys had on matching plain blue baseball cap, and both boys sitting on the stone wall talking about the even that had happen early yesterday.

    “So you think Alan’s Cell Phone was the real reason he ended up in the hospital?”

   “Well many people had said that Alan was in trains when the phone told the car to hit, and Megan had even seen the phone trying to get a way. So yes I think there is some truth to the story.

   “Man, Jim, I did realize cell phone can be so dangerous.”

   “They are, Tom, and believe it or not that not the first this type of thing happen.”

   “What!” Tom said this as he turns his full attention on him. “You mean there they are others?”

   “Oh yes, said Jim. You know Jason, well he end up the hospital for a moth because the phone had force him to movie his head up and down and twirl with his eyes close which forcing him to fall in a open basement door in corner store; broken leg and arm.”

   “Yes I remember that but I did not know it was because the work of the cell phone.”

   “That’s right and that just the tip of the iceberg.”

   “There more?” Tom said more concern now.

   “Yes Bobby dad had gotten into a car accident while driving to see his grandmother in the other side of town.”

   “Mr. Clifford! But he a grown up! How did the cell phone manage to get to him?”

   “I can’t say,” said Jim, “all I Know he was on the phone the one minute, then looking a rose inside the back of a follower Turk while still in his car the nixes.

“Was he hurt?”

   “No but friend of mine at school had told me that Mr. Clifford cell had force him to sake before help came to his aide.”

   “Wow,” said Tom before his eyes lit up with worry, “wait—my mom and dad have cell phone and so does my brother Mike!”

   “Wow The cell phone monster could come after them at anytime for any reason.

   “Not if I can help it,” said Tom as he rose to his feet and began to walk out of the Key Food parking lot with Jim following behind him.

   “Tom, wait. What are you going to do?”

    “To from a meeting, Tom reply, “we need to put an end to this cell phone monster once and for all.”

By Jockerlee77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic Expression .com

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