Issued 01

   In the neighborhood of Park Slope to kids a boy and girl who were both nine years old was sitting quietly on the stoop looking at the empty ball park of Dean street playground. It was morning and the neighborhood normally dose not come alive Intel noon. But no matter what time or day it is the neighborhood youth is up and ready to start a hold new adventure. One of throw youth, Alan Hole was up and all smile as he walked down the sidewalk with his cell phone in hand. Harry, the boy who was sitting on the stoop has told Ana the girl who was sitting nixed to him; was informing her that Alan was heading their way.

     “There he is Alan Hole the man with fare few worlds. Yes sur what a guy that Alan Hole walking without a care in the word. Yes sure look at him at Alan Hole working that phone, texting people all over the world. Yes sure he Alan Hole with his glued to that phone. Yes sure Alan Hole.

   It happens so fast. One minute they saw Alan Hole crossing the street the nixed the saw a shrieking car coming from out of nowhere. Ana rose to her feet in horror with her hands cover her moth in shock come flying a few yards away from where Alan Hole was laying uncurious on floor a few feet form for the car.

   Harry however still sat on the stoop looking neither surprised nor shock as to what just happen instead he just lay back on the step while both the driver as while as the others grownups came o his ad and said, “Yes sure that Alan Hole got hit by car while texting on his phone. Yes sure, Alan Hole. If only he took the time to look both ways before crossing the street instead of texting on the phone. Alan Hole, what an idiot.”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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