The days are coming short,
To what I mean is simple,
A day comes where love comes pouring out,
Covering everyone in . . .
Goop . . .

I am not jumping for joy,
As everyone knows,
My knowing of that feel,
Love I mean.

Sure simple things are great,
When you’re with that love one,
What about those who don’t have one?

To that,
I say . . .
Love doesn’t need to be from the heart or soul.

Not even from below the skin.

It can be from hand of someone close,
A friend . . .
Family . . .
And even pet . . .

Go be with them,
For they’ll give a feeling,
Just a love one,
For they are too love ones.

Just not the ones where,
You go overboard for,
Just simply,
Warmly loved,
And that is just fine.

When that day comes,
From here today,
Do what you want on day,
With or without,
A love one . . .

Make it great on your own,
You want too . . .

I know I will,
My love can be bigger than for just one,
Who’ll just make harder to like that day?

And to that,
Happy early,
Valentine’s Day,
From someone who doesn’t need one love,
To make that day,

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