There is a thin line,
of work and play,
where they become one.

Meshed and uncertain of what is good or bad.

But really its both.

How could you answer be right,
when it could be wrong,
as well.

Work and play,
are the same,
which is great.

But not.

For they are best and worst,
yet it could be diffence.

When work is all is with no play,
it’s dull.

But if play,
is like work,
not once has anyone,
work from day one.

And that be the best bittersweet candy ever given.

For one other than another,
must know that feel.

Even when it’s simple as doing this,
with one hand,

It is work and play,
endless fun,
and hardly busy in the end.

Am I right fellow people.

Or do you think other wise?

work and play,
you never stop teasing us…

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