I have found myself,
In a place;
I can’t seem to remove from.

Chains of sightless weighing heavy upon me,
Bounding me to keep me from running,
Running away from what,
I do not know.

Iron floats in the air,
Foggy to know from where it comes from,
With no strength to lift the chains,
I am left here to rot.

The only free part of me to the side,
Wanting to scream when seeing something,
But it’s faint and dry to even rattle the walls of stone.

There in the distance,
Lies a mirror,
Mocking of how I am.

Half of what am I,
Is gone,
Left blank,
Leaving me to see everything,
In half of what it is.

Wanting to shed tears,
But it would seem,
I have no tears to shed.

These moments of life,
I thought,
Me able to leave behind,
Have caught up,
Breaking me down,
For all of what’s left of me to this world.

But that would seem only on the inside,
I keep them happy,
For not knowing,
What’s going on inside.

They can’t know.

If they ever did,
Then everything that was worked up,
To this point,
Would have been wasted . . .

I can’t break now,
Not on the outside.

I have to keep smiling.

Even if I am crying on the inside . . .

I can’t break.
I have come too far.
I have to be as something had happen.

I am weak,
But to them,
I see the world as it is,
For that is true.

But how little do they know of why that is . . .


Don’t break,
That’s not the you is gave them,
It’s not!

Snap out of it!

These chains now hold you,
For a moment,
You left your guard down . . .

Rebuild the wall,
Is all one can do,
In a . . .
A moment like this . . .

All I can do . . .

Sight is gone yes,
It was a price,
And a past we can’t change.

Nor that of how many steps one must take,
Even with heavy chains . . .

Able to raise both hands into the sky,
Will come in time . . .

Time that all know,
Is ticking away . . .

Slowly and painfully for what it is.

Just as those knifes of the counter came,
The shield the body became,
For those I choose to stand in font for . . .

No regrets.

Rebuild . . .

Be silent . . .

Keep smiling,
Even when it hurts . . .

For they can’t know,
They can’t.

Rest now,
Get to gather,
And live.

For that’s all you can do,
A world like this . . .

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