Not much to say . . .

Mind clouded of what to do.

And how to handle it.

When coming to choose something easy.


Just a walk,

through a peaceful night.

Fresh snow has fallen,

Knees deep,

And I can’t help but smile.


Others are in foul moods for it.

I look at with acceptment.


Seeing that not just the snow has been seen in kinds eyes.


I feel that I have too.

Finding where I can be myself,

Even though at first,

I called for acceptment,

Not in wonder,

But fear,

That I wasn’t going to fit in what others did.

But that seem far from the case,

Not long later I was worried over nothing,

And try to become something better.

What really?

I don’t have a title for it.

But as the snow keeps falling and bring that small joy with it.

I will too.

Coming up with ideas to share in every step,

I take with pride.For just a walk,

Got me to do this.

Just a walk,

Give it a try sometime.

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