Many arts form through a person.
Medias of all kinds.
Pleasing and angering with every turn.

For that it’s our reason to let others hear.
For who else will.
If we blindly only pick a selected few to hear, see, smell, feel, taste it.

Where would it lead us?
Smack down in the corner with a dream?

If that’s is the outcome.
For a fool of any not to reach out.

We only get one chance to be us, before another takes our place.
And it will be wasted.

Dreams may be so silly, that they are nothing a but joke.
But it’s our inside joke.
A little laugh that we will, not only prove them wrong, but carry on.

For that is how a dream works.
A joke.
But it becomes real, the more we smile, knowing it will become real.

So laugh now.
Cheer those who try.
We’ll you’ll all next time, when tides finally change.

And when you have a dream.
Laughter will come.
But on better terms.

Wave bye for now.
Speak hello later.

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