…Why Does This Exist?



Plot: You wake up to see Trixie where She tells you that you get to spend Three Days in Ponyville and she turns you into a Red Earth Pony.


As you go through Ponyville, you get to meet The Mane 6 (Except for Rarity) who are usually hanging out by their Houses. You can also meet Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3, Spike, Dr. Whooves, Big Mac, and you can keep talking to Trixie who later can give you a Horn or Wings so you can explore Cloudsdale.


Objective: The Game has only One major Objective or Choice with the Female Ponies….

you F*** them… Seriously, It’s the only way to progress in the game…

I went into this Game not knowing anything about it and that was my first mistake. I later found out that it was made for the “Cloppers”. I Don’t Know who made this Game and I Don’t want to know. Most fandoms have a Dark Side and this Game comes from it. It looks like it comes straight out of the Pony Thread Simulators.


Graphics: They’re Ok. Some parts of the Game aren’t finished yet and are shown in a Rough Sketch like the Scene with Zecora and how she was actually Queen Chrysalis. The Game has only been in Alpha Every since it was released and Updates will be made for it…Unfortunately…

All I would put for the Graphics is This:


Final Thoughts: Don’t Play This. Don’t Look it Up on Youtube, Don’t Look it Up on Google, Just Please Stay Away from this Game! I’ve seen some stuff that has been considered Nasty, but in my Opinion, this Tops all of them. I would never recommend this to anyone and I would never show this to anyone.

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