Seasons are Here

Trees are in bloom.
A rare sight.
First shine of green,
In so many years.
Where has it been,
In a long time.
The air is not so thin,
Swallows are coming back.
The hunts can go on.
The winter were to long,
For its own good.
Everything has seem to,
Move on.
Oh how the mighty gods,
Can be so kind when they,
Want to be.
After so long.
It’s a wonderful feeling lies,
Down within.
The pain is no more and its,
A grand feeling.
A feeling to just cry,
And never let this day end.
This world is now at peace,
And nothing could go,
Oh where was this world,
Long ago?
When it meant something.
A reason to live and have,
It like this always and,
Never leave.
But seasons are never,
Around long enough for it.
Oh how the people will miss,
This once it leaves again.
Yet the people will be ready,
For it and not give up.
They will stand tall and,
Not fall.

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