The Lost

Screams fill the air.
Time is ticking.
The ball flies.
Feels that time is,
Slowing for this,
Glories moment.
When for a moment,
That this was right.
The ball is caught,
By a large bird.
It’s over for them.
One yells to ask,
Where the hell,
That damn bird,
Came from.
Now years later,
The losing of thirty-six,
Year lost is for and,
Ever will be cruse.
That night!
That one night.
Everything changed.
Nothing seem right,
It could have been,
A grand win.
Yet that bird had to,
Scar the team,
Why oh why!
How could this,
Ever happen?
Will this cruse,
Every die and they,
One time…
Get the game…
They deserve to…
But until that happens.
They will forever,
Be known as the,
“Kill Base”.
And their foes,
The Eagles will,
Always remain on,
Top of it all.
Oh how the world,
Can be so unkind,
To those who try.

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