You are my crutch,
the ones that I could rely on.
Through the highest mountain troubles,
fighting for my happiness.
I could never have before,
even if you were the ones that cause it,
and in reverse.
The silent jokes we share,
The get to gathers,
always brought us closer, in a suffocating way.
Even when some you live so far away.
I love how you are,
Not program robots or aliens…
well I hope not.
I tolerate the foolishness,
from simple pranks to involvements with the police.
You are the devilish demons that should,
not be seen or heard.
Please don’t take that to heart.
I’ll take the family name with pride,
please, don’t give me second thoughts.
I’ll put all the…mind throbbing, hair pulling, theater screaming drama aside.
Despite all,
I’ll always love you.
As much as teenager would.
Taking in all the dramatic events,
from the caring to the hating to the just sheer confusion.
The fear of it repeating still makes me shiver.
Gritting my teeth when others are near,
praying inside you guys will act normal.
On the biggest days of life to come,
from home, the park, school, arcade, and many more others to come,
the fun won’t be forgotten.
Tries as I might, they’ll be there.
Deep down I would never trade in any of it,
no matter how many attempts I might make.
The memories this family has made,
I’ll treasure them like a mix bag of
sweet and sour candy.
To the family,
thanks for being there,
making my life worth having.

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