Mirror on the wall, please do tell all.
When I look inside you, how come its not true.
I see unsure eyes, what best fits I?
Are they blue, as the cool sea?
Maybe green as the grass and the trees.
Brown like the dirty ground.
Gray as a foggy mist.
What is the color that is me, what is the color all others see?
I have been dealing with this since birth, and I want to know what came first?
Are they green or brown?
Please tell, before my mind leaves town.
Blue or gray?
Let there not be a delay.
It’s an answer I want up front.
I don’t want a weird mix, I want this to be fix.
Leaving me wondered and daze.
I hope to see its just a faze.
Mirror that reflects me, give me an answer of the truth to see.
I don’t want to be in a daze any more, I want to be less torn.
Now for a moment I only see gray, to be as it may.
That is the color I see, a foggy mist sea.
What can be done about that, gray is better then the color of a big brown rat.
Or the color of the blue sea, that is what I believe.
And green as a palm tree.
I say a bit far fetch.
I don’t understand why color is a big deal, knowing that…what about the way I feel?
They say the color eyes mature other time, being mature is not really in my game line.
Why is that the first thing I see, I guess it’s a thing that is part of me.
What is the true color eye, what is the color that best fits I?
I’ll fine out when the is not a minute later, I’ll start to feel better.
One day I’ll fine out, but not in this route.
I got to wait and wait.
One day to pop my eyes, I’ll see what is the real I.

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