Over through the mountains, along the unsteady paths of ups and downs of Mt. Fendel. There is a village, on the start of starvation. With the village so far within the mountains no one can help them.

Its night time now in the village of Mt. Fendel, everyone is fast asleep now. When the night are to clear to sleep up top, the villagers go underground for warmth and away from the danger that walks the night. No one want to be stung by The Fire Wasps, one sting and your whole body will like human size sun burning you into nothing but ashes.

Though their size is small, they are more brutal when in groups. Every year they swarm around the village during the great feast, a reason why food is so hard to find now a days. This would have never happen if the Goddess of Fire Uri, she also has a temper to match her powers.

Out of the four elements, Uri is the most feared. As for Misu {Water}, Monkaushka {Earth}, and Alva {Air} find ways to try and keep Uri {Fire} under control but with the village in Fendel is in her area they can do nothing but watch and pray something will stop her evil from reaching out to others.

They say there is a prophecy, that someone with a pure heart will someday end Uri wrath. But atlas no pure heart has been found, yet. As the years go by the gods waited and waited until a pure heart was born.

Running foot steps, heavy breathing was heard as a young boy was running through the village’s streets. Holding on tight to some food he stole from a market, hoping to lose the clerk along the way…he did. With a smile for victory he was about to eat his food, but some kids younger then him watch about to eat it, without a second thought he gave them the food and ran off to find more hopefully for himself.

As the boy was walking through the market, staying within the shadows so he couldn’t be seen. Trying to get was never really this hard but with the fire wasps coming to village every so often it was hard to get anything to eat. The boy started to day dream of what the village was like before the wasps came into villagers lives.

Within a stowed of luck, the young boy found somewhere to eat. By the look of the clerk his brain was maybe the size of walnut, could have one of brainless guys around. The catch was easy and the boy was able for the day.

A week later, somewhere around mid day the boy was on the move once again. Your perhaps wondering why this kid is on his own, well in short his parents were taking by the dog-man. They say a every 1,000 years a child would be born with the mark of the dog and wreak on the villagers for six full moon and would be back for another 1,000 years. That last full moon was two years ago, the night the boy lost his family.

Quickly whipping away any tears from falling from his eyes, he went on. Only to be stop by a man pushing a cart, it had loads of Ma-pies on it. An easy grab by the look at it, or was it. The moment the he reach out for it…it grabbed him and pulled him into the cart, no one notice this and the cart driver kept pulling without looking back.

A bright light shined in the boy’s face, waking him up from his dreaming. As he open his eyes, he found himself in some type of forest…it was beautiful. But its beauty was cut short as the boy wonder how he got here in the first place but remember about what at the market.

As the boy was deep in thought of how to get to the village, he didn’t see the small movement behind him. The demon move without a sound as it reach closer and closer to the boy, but luckily something stop the snake from coming closer and it slid off through the grass. What was it that scared off the snake?

A voice called out to the boy, he turn to nothing at first but then a hand pop out of the forest and motion to fallowed him. The boy fallowed and saw it was a monkey, but this monkey was a bit different to what the boy would normally see. Yet, he let the monkey lead him through the forest.

Day started to turn to night, pretty soon the monkey let the boy to a clearing. In the clearing was a small flower in the clearing, somehow there was more then meets the eye. The boy turn to face the monkey but it was gone.

Before the boy could call out to where the monkey had gone, a light whisper called out to him and made him turn to face where the flower once lay. Darkness cover his eyes and soon lead to web of lights. The only thing that could be heard was… “Its time for you to make your destiny become a reality, Boy.” And everything seem to stop.

Ocean sounds, the waves roaring over time. Has things became more clearer, the boy found out he was on a boat. Seeing boats like this were rare, only because his village was no where near the sea or any rivers…so how did he get here in the first place.

Soon the sound of walking on wood was heard, the boy turn his head to where the door was in the room he awaken in. A large man came, giving the details of what was to come, to the boy the man to be real full of himself…A real ham to put it. Somehow this man did mean business if he was in charge in watching the boy reach where he was needed.

Through most of the trip it was calm, but if the captain said one more story when he was young, there was going to be one less person on the boat. His thought cut short when a large flock of flesh-eating birds block their way, they had to reach the river of sadness before the magic of Uri came into play with anymore of this, then it already had. His village was attack by the fire wasps once again, this time taking over 300 lives. This had to end.

It was day four since the boy had been out to sea, somehow like magic him and captain came out ok…not much luck for the boat that is. The river of sadness lives up to its name, as it shown with grim, lonely, dark, creepy atmosphere it send down anyone spine to shiver in fear. The boy took the chance to ask the captain what it was they were looking for. The answer…the gateway to the gods.

Somewhere between the eighth and the ninth day, the captain said they have reach their destination. At first you couldn’t really see anything through the fog, but the more they got closer…they were at the end of the river. The captain told the boy he had to go the rest on his own and finish this himself. “May the gods be with you.” Was the last thing he heard before going on, to him this had better then worth it. What he saw next was more shocking then he ever thought it could every be…

To Be Continued…

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