We met once under life and death, covered in the darkest part of the world

You said once we meet again, I was only left alone not long after

My mother was the only one who kept me sane, soon to give to the grim himself

I see her body slowly go to dust before my eyes, I was now left alone with only hope

Your eyes reminded me of the greenest plains, through my eyes I saw my home in yours

The soft touch of your skin to mine still makes me shiver, your lips only me smile more

Through my eyes I was your soul, your words made my body on fire

I wonder if it was all a dream, until the sounds of swift feet told me otherwise

Thank the great one was who it was, long before the grim could come

He said to take me to where you are, but I wasn’t ready yet

In time I will come into your waiting arms, but for now wait for me my love

Through my eyes it will happen, the great will be back another time

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