I am someone that’s your best friend, then someone who would walk away from you

I am that person who’s shoulder you lie on, to bad I also made you feel that way

I am a closed person, yet also who jumps at the chance to do something

I can keep a secret from anyone, to bad I never stop talking truth

I can lie to keep you safe, I can betray to kill you

Two different sides of me run my life, I can never know which one will show

I never meant to hurt, and yet I might enjoy to see you cry

I never meant to see you cry, but I love to see fear in your eyes

Two make one, I can’t just chose one to live

If I split, who would I end up hurting more

To yearn for blood for my happiness, and yet I feel like vomiting too

Forgive me, for I am that am not what you thought

Forgive all the times, even if you do or not

Two half’s where born in this body, and they can do what ever they want

I am a angel to protect, I am a demon to kill

I am what I chose to be, I can just live with it

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