Its cold outside, land cover with snow

The sun as set for the day and has let the moon rise for the night

The winter wonders should not bring you fright as you hear tiny sliver bells

A sound so faint, you think your dreaming or its really real

Winter’s wonders never die as the sun once rises again

You rush from bed and down the stairs you go, not knowing what ahead holds

There by the tree cover with bright lights found from head to toe of it

And there at the bottom that was once empty, now surrounded with gifts of all shapes and sizes

Smiles of glee show on your faces, your feet do the all moving for you as the tree seems to get taller and taller

The colorful paper taunts you to open them, and you just can’t resist

Winter’s wonders never really did answer one gift you were dying to have in your hands, who always does it when the family can’t always

That question will never be answer, even with that all that wishing it will never be answer

Spend the winter wonders with what you got and spend it with the one you love

Winter’s Wonders never let anyone down for that, on that day close to a new beginning

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

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