I live in the darkness, to far in for the light to reach

I linger around those who would not understand, I go by my names

What I’m not is a monster; a freak, yes. An outsider, yes…but far from a monster

I don’t the young, the innocense, or the weak…I am their protector

You say I enjoy the sight of blood, that is a lie…a blood luster…I am not

The joy of screams in the night, is far from a good night rest for me

I choose to live like this, because I have no choice

No one ever did, the shadows are my home, til my dying day

What I’m not, is something no one should fear of, if it’s a lie

Lies are what brought me here, and there no way out

I stand up for those who are close to become something like me, no one wants to be that

I had no one for me, I’m here to give that chance for others to have before time runs out

What I’m not…Is someone who would do this to you, never that I would

Death would have my soul, before I could hurt another pure soul

No repeats will happen on my watch, I’ll protect you to my dying breath

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