I walk alone in the shadows, not caring about the life around me

Nothing meant anything to me anymore, I felt love once

Only to end badly, tears slips down my face from the lies I listen to

The pain is to strong and I wish I could just die, my wish might soon come

Blackness covers my eyes for a moment and I see the face that brought shame alive in me

I think for a moment this demon won my life, until the shadows sent me a hero

My demon is out of the game, my savor saves me and heads back to his shadow-lands

I thank him, even though my hero face’s can’t be seen, I know he was grateful of my words

I pray during the time that passes, he’ll come back when I need him the most

Others say he’s a demon as well, but does it really count when a demon saves not kills

Love can be so unknown, but yes, my heart tells me I’m in love with a demon

My dark prince, I say these words and vow to mean them: “I love you”

I only hope, you feel the same my demon, my Night Watcher of my world

I love you, my dark prince

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