We have no rules to guide us

We make are own sin, and drink greedily of it

We laugh at are sins of: power, lust, blood, and wealth

You’ll hear are cries of insanity from are voices

The laugh of the sin never fade, in time you will see

The power of the bodies, minds, hearts, and souls to do are binning

The lust for sex is like a drug that keeps you wanting more

The blood of those that define you of what you are

The wealth of hell you went through to get and only smile of wanting more

Your mind becomes twisted and dull with only a thought or two of what you want

Want and need is what drives you body over the edge

A pure life blinded by what the future gives without telling

Keep your ears open for the laugh of the sin; for it is a quiet one to a loud boom

Don’t become one; keep the power, the lust, the blood, and wealth away from the untainted minds

The future comes fast; like in a blink of an eye

The laugh of sin is one thing anyone could live without

Start before its to late…I miss my chance a long time ago…don’t be the same

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