She was my heart, she was my eyes, she was my soul

Only to find out I grow up in only lies that were to far deep to get out of

That day, tears covered my face of the true “Mother Dearest”

She holds the whip high and snaps it down on little brother

I promise when we got older, I be there for him

Little brother tries hard to call out help to who? Me?

My own shadow scared me from saving him

Are eyes meet and I know he needed me

Mother Dearest had to pay…with her life

I find the sharp metal knife and go away from eye-site

It won’t so fast it was a blur

I feel arms of my scared, shivering, crying brother

We are both covered in blood

My eyes land on the stiff, cold, rose-red cover body of the woman I look up to

Brother and I leave the hell-hole and to never to be see again

Goodbye Mother Dearest, goodbye world, and goodbye my hellish life

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