You ever see him, in his cloak.

He shows no face as he cuts you down.

Speaks no words has you beg not to die.

He works for the devil, yet he doesn’t at the same time.

Once told he hold a soul, he gave it away to live for ever.

He didn’t know the pries of doing so.

The devil gave him only one choice and become death.

To do so, he had to up everything that meant dear to him.

He beg for another way, but he had to choose him or his love ones.

It felt like any other day, his wife what that night. He says nothing.

He sees his children, happy to see him back home. Yet, for how long.

Acting like it was a normal day and they go for a family drive.

He’s tense at the wheel, he looks into the mirror and see the last person he wants.

The devil wears a grin, and nods for him to what he wanted.

As they drive closer to the edge, his wife asks what he’s doing.

No Answer. They fall over the cliff.

Dark slowly goes to light, he opens his eyes.

His family is gone, and he is now known as death.

Death has no feeling to what happen that day, only to know he must do it again and again….

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