Let us down, you say you quit.

It got to hard for you, I laugh at what you say.

So, you live up to what your family saying when things to hard.

The failure that can live to up to anything that never met to anything.

You see them shake their heads of your words.

The one that looks up to you, say that your just as bad as a killer.

Your now know as the failure at everything you try to do.

That one thing you could never do, has change you my friend.

Asking if there a way to change it.

There is and you can always try again.

One try never gets where you want, you must try again until you get it right.

But yet you think what would be the point to try again.

I’m shook to hear you say that and step back.

Many have always gave things more then on try.

You’re the failure that no one wants to be.

You been change or your no better then a killer.

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