The fire you see and feel, the burn that has it’s own kill.

The screams you hear from the lives it takes.

The burn that hold no soul, but lives and move with no care.

You think it’s fair.

No it’s all fake and you just get thrills and chills to be next.

It must feel nice to feel the burn of hair and flesh melting off your bone.

Hear the sound of it boiling to ashes and flow with the wind.

Hear the sound of your live saying: “You had it coming.” or “Wish you could have gone quicker.” or “Finally I never have to care of your sorry ass, again.” or “Someone up there loves me to get rid of you.”

Feel the burn of truth, life, friendship, and all others you ever felt for one another.

It will fade till you have nothing left to burn and trust me it feels good.

Did you ever hear you just got burn and well done…

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