Did you ever wonder how we first saw the world and forgot, well you never do.

Only because it’s starts the same way we leave, the white little at the end of the tunnel.

And you ever think they both mean the same thing, too.

The answer is yes, just as clear as the northen lights.

It’s bright and cold just as you step out to the world you never knew was alive.

But it just holds a pack of lies that grow and grow, and there nothing to live for.

That bloody light is going to pass you as a dope, a fucker, a whore, a bitch, a smart ass, a abuser, and much more you never knew.

So, you stay in your little happy place as much as you want, it won’t get you far.

You’ll still be the same, and are you doing for your fame or just to be seen and not heard.

If you think the light can only see you and not hear you, then your better off at the beginning.

There no begging to hide from it, the light always win.

It has for years and years, it has take people I care for and it almost did again.

I may shed a tear for it, but I will never let it. You should not either if you get my drift.

Your hopes better be lift and fight or your just like all the others that have give and died.

Just remember though the light always wins the fight that never ends…..

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