I decided to take a look at The Purge after it labeled itself “The Scariest Film of the Year”

Each Year, the United States Government actives the Purge which is a Twelve Hour Period where all criminal activity is legal and Medical, Police, and Fire Department Services are Unavailable.
The year is 2022 in Los Angeles, California. We follow James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) and his family as they try to survive this year’s Purge. During the Purge, James’ Son lets a Stranger covered in blood go into their incredibly locked up home. Suddenly, a group of people arrive at their home demanding the Stranger to come out of the house or they’ll get in and kill everyone inside.

The film is pretty much a basic Home Invasion film with the villains to be similar to the film The Strangers. It also tries to be a Social Allegory throughout it stating that Humans are Savage and we need the Purge to help us cope with that fact. There is also talk throughout the film stating of how bad the Purge is and stating that it could be about Money. It could be seen a strange Satire, but I saw it as a means to give backstory for the Purge.
The film does do a few things to set up how the Purge works, most of that is done in the Trailers. It seems like the Purge is used to be a means of Catharsis for the American People and so they can help vent out their rage and Negative thinking to make America seem like a very happy nation according to the “New Founding Fathers”. I will admit the idea of the Purge is incredibly similar to an episode of Star Trek called “The Return of the Achrons” which also has a society which has a 12 hour period of lawlessness and Violence.

James and his wife (Lena Headey) pretty much seem like characters that don’t really care much about the Purge and is established that they never go out during it. I found these two to be a bit uninteresting but the actors portraying them did a decent job with them.
The Son, Charlie, is the only one in the family who sees the Purge as a bad thing and is the one who pretty much starts off the film’s plot. (He, oddly, also looks a little bit like Egoraptor.)
The Daughter, Zoe, isn’t really interesting. She was mainly in the first half hour and then disappears and occasionally pops up in the film. She was mainly in the film due to a minor subplot involving her Boyfriend who is in the house to kill her dad.
Both of the kids aren’t really big characters and you could pretty much ignore them throughout the film.
The Stranger doesn’t have a personality aside from the fact he’s ( or was) in some form of Military (I assume this since he’s wearing Dog Tags.)

As for the “Villains”…
The Majority of them don’t talk. The leader of them is a Blonde Australian who doesn’t reveal anything about them or himself. He’s surprisingly polite and only wants to “Purge” the stranger and he will not leave until he does so, and he gets more violent and Angry as the film progresses. I think he was the best performance in the film. (Although I don’t really think that says much.)

Overall, the film was Boring. I wasn’t really enthralled, Scared, or Invested in the film. It came off as a film you could put on to maybe kill some time. I’ve seen a few Home Invasion films and this was one of the weaker ones. ( It could have been better. ) I can’t really compare to the other Home Invasion film that came out this year [ You’re Next ] So I’ll just end it here: Watch it if want to.

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