I started my fourth lap around the Torf and moved my tail-blade as though to take down a Hork-Bajir Controller in one move.     I was still on the Torf due to me wanting to handle any exchanges personally and have my family a way to exit if things went wrong. Such as if Bob, the Skrit Na, got cold feet and contacted the Andalites or Yeerks about the Shormlit’s location. Though that wasn’t likely to happen and was probably a demented dream caused by my fear.     I was unnerved by telling my story to my family and their reactions.     Inior was a little shocked that his father wasn’t a real Andalite. He was most shocked about how kindly I had treated Bruce, who he considered a vecol, and nearly died doing so. But he accepted it in the end.     Enichonsho was very understanding. She was shocked, of course, but she was the first one to reassure me that she didn’t think any less of me.     Faniffoy had heard the story many times before and so didn’t have any reactions except to send me images to calm me down.     Quio had seemed angry throughout the entire story. She hadn’t calmed down, especially when Inior compared Bruce to a vecol, but she reassured me that she still viewed me in the same light as she did before I told the story.     I jumped up as high as I could without hitting the ceiling and thought about Chee. Chee had been calm and was the only one to not see any shame or shock in my story. At least about me helping Bruce, as going into a different universe shocked him.     But maybe Pemalites had been more prepared than Andalites to explore the galaxy. Hell, humans hadn’t existed long enough to even start imagining the scope of existence.     As I completed my fourth lap, I stopped and tried to slow down my breathing. In an hour I’d have to deal with the Skrit Na and hope they kept their promise. If they didn’t…my family would have a much harder time surviving.     Plus how would I help Chee?     I didn’t want to deal with facing my family, dealing with the Skrit Na, and anything that happened because the plan went correctly. But I would have to.     I was a father and a Prince. I had no choice but to continue on.     After a minute of calming down, I headed to the communication room. ———————————————————————————- THE SHORMLIT CHRONICLES TUMBLR   MY FORUMS   DONATE YOUR ACCOUNT

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